Best Camera Gear for Travel 2020



Travelling light for some means packing very little. For me, it means carrying photographic equipment that is lightweight, and durable, not to mention of the highest quality. I thought I would put a list together to show you what I carry with me when I go off my travels, what it takes to document every step of my travels. This gear won’t suit all of you because everyone has different needs when they are on the move, but it does give you an idea of what works.

Camera Equipment :

  1. Fuji X100F


The Fuji X100F digital camera has taken photography to new heights. With its 24.3MP CMOS III sensor, I can take photos that are practically free of noise, that process 4 times faster and produces photos that are as near to perfection as possible. There are now up to 325 focusing points, almost double the previous model; an ISO dial built into the shutter speed dial and a new AF mode for Zone, single and wide-tracking. This is one of the most powerful cameras I have ever used, and the most creative.

  1. Sony RX100 v

A member of Sony’s Cybershot family, the Sony RX100v offers a 20.1MP, 1-inch image sensor that outputs the most amazing quality of image and supports continuous shooting. In terms of speed, the RX100v is the fastest camera in the world with shooting speeds of 24fps3 on autofocus and to maintain the quality at that speed, it has auto exposure tracking. This camera is fantastic for action shots with its 0.05-second hybrid AF system and I can shoot 4K video and super Slow-Mo, at an impressive 960fps.

  1. Sony A7II

A mirrorless camera body, the Sony A&11 offers the very first 5-axis image stabilization in the world, built directly into the camera body. With the 24.3MP sensor and phase detection built in, I can take amazing shots at full frame, with no camera blur. It works with all my lenses perfectly and I can record in full HD in XAVC S format. The LED screen tilts for the perfect view and it connects to my iPhone 8 seamlessly through Wi-Fi and NFC.

  1. Camera Lens – Zeiss 16-35 

This is one of Sony’s finest lenses, fully compatible with the A711 camera body. The lens is coated in ZEISS T to cut down on ghosting and flare and it has a minimum focus distance of 0.92 ft. There are three ED glass elements on the lens that stops chromatic distortion and it maintains a constant F4 maximum throughout the entire range of zoom. With image stabilization in the form of Optical Steady Shot, this Zeiss lens produces amazing clear, high-quality shots.

  1. Camera Lens – Zeiss 55mm 

Another great lens from Sony, the Sonnar full-frame is also compatible with the A711 body and offers a focal length of 55 mm and a 49-mm filter diameter. Again, the lens is coated with ZEISS T to stop the irritating reflections and a maximum f/1.8 aperture produces some beautiful backgrounds. This lens shoots amazing low-light photos, indoors or outside which makes it a pretty versatile camera. There is no zoom, but it takes great close-up shots.

  1. iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is one of the latest models to come from Apple and the camera on it is as close to a DSLR as you are going to get on a mobile device. With a full retina HD screen, you get the absolute best complementary display for the camera. With a f/2.2 aperture, auto image stabilization, and a True-tone flash, the iPhone 8 takes stunning photos; with the built-in auto HDR and exposure control along with full HD video, you really aren’t going to get any better if you want a small, fully-featured camera when you are off on your travel

  1. SanDisk 128 GB SD Card 

Memory cards are a must; there is no way I could shoot all the pictures I do without using one and the SanDisk Extreme is the best I have found. It’s a professional card that provides transfer speeds of up to 95 MB/s, letting me shift the images off the card quickly so I can get to work on them. It easily handles 4K UHD video, RAW images as well as JPEG and with a write speed up to 90 MB/s, this is an incredibly high quality and reliable memory card, something every traveler will need for their cameras.

  1. Lens Filter – B+W CPL

This is a 77mm circular polarizing lens filter that makes sure the camera is reading the correct aperture and exposure, resulting in clearer and sharper photos with more detail. The coating on the lens filter is dirt and water repelling as well as scratch resistant, making it much easier to keep clean and scratch-free. It’s a high-quality filter with a brass mounting thread and it fits on most 24mm focal length wide-angle lenses.

  1. Go Pro Hero 5 Black

To be fair the Go-Pro Hero 5 speaks for itself. It is one of the most popular and easy to use action cameras in the world and the features on it are second to none. Not only can I record everything I do in 4K video, I can also shoot 12MP stills in 3 different modes – Single, Time Lapse and Burst. It is an incredibly durable camera and, even without a housing, I can take it down to 33ft underwater with no problem. And, when I shoot in 4K video mode, I get up to 1 ½ hours of continuous recording.

  1. Manfrotto Mini Tripod

This miniature tripod is worth its weight in gold. Solid, stable, durable and easy to use, because of its unique construction and its universal attachment, it is compatible with pretty much all cameras. And with an optional smartphone clamp that doubles up as a stable base, this is one of the best mini tripods I have ever used.

  1. Reticam Smartphone Tripod Mount

While my iPhone 8 takes fantastic photos, sometimes I need to use a tripod to get the best shots and this tripod mount does the job perfectly as it fits seamlessly onto any tripod or it can be used on its own. It has a conversion kit, so it fits just about all sizes of smartphone. Its constructed from solid aluminum so its lightweight and the clamp is backed with 3M rubber pads to protect my iPhone. All in all, a solid clamp that does what I need it to do with the minimum amount of fuss.

  1. Siriu Monopod –  SIRUI P-204S

Another must-have is the Siriu monopod. It stretches up to 63 inches and can hold cameras weighing up to just under 18lbs. The foldable feet offer serious stability when needed but they can be taken off when not needed. The panning grip is smooth and rotates a full 360° and the tension is adjustable for all different equipment weights. I can use this monopod for selfies, for standard shots and to do panoramic shots, a fantastic piece of kit for any fellow traveler

Accessories :

Fabulous photos and videos, all good but when you are off on your travels you want to be able to offload your media, freeing up valuable memory space and maybe to do a bit of editing while you are away. I do and that’s why I take these must-have accessories with me, everywhere I go:

  1. 15″ Corei7 MacBook Retina

My trusty MacBook travels as much as I do, coming with me on every trip. With its 2.9 GHz quad-core i7 processor and 16 GB RAM, not to mention the 4GB Radeon Pro graphics card, everything I do is super speedy. The full retina HD screen is superb, displaying my photos and videos in true, sharp colors so editing is dead simple. And with a battery life of up to 10 hours, I can keep going all day without having to worry about finding a power supply.

  1. Logitech AnyWhere MX 2 Mouse

The perfect compliment to my MacBook is the MX2 mouse. I can use it on any surface, even high glossy or glass finishes. Its comfortable to use for hours on end and I can connect it, through Bluetooth or Wireless, to up to 3 computers at any one time, switching easily using a simple button control. Fully charged, the batteries last for up 2 months so no messing about with batteries and just a single minute of charge, I get a full hour’s use out of it. Small, smart, comfortable, nothing more I could ask of a mouse.


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