4 Must Visit Places When in Singapore

Singapore is an incredibly beautiful country, and there is so much to do that choosing the best is difficult. Both a country and a city, Singapore is full of attractions, activities, and things for all the family to do and here, we are going to talk about four of the very best places to visit. It is a diverse place, with cultures clashing, east meeting west in a colorful explosion of activity that never dies, no matter what time of day or night it is.

  1. Marina Bay

singapore marina bay

Marina Bay

Marina Bay is a famous city-state, captained by the Marina Bay Sands complex, an opulent complex costing S$5.5 billion. Much of what there is to do revolves around this complex, including the casino, a Science museum, Merlion, which is the icon of Singapore, and plenty of eating and shopping options, not to mention the nightlife. Get there at 8 PM, and you will see a light show of epic proportions, lighting up the water along with some of the most iconic landmarks you have ever seen.


  1. Universal Studios

This is the first amusement and theme park of its kind anywhere in Southeast Asia. Over 20 different attractions are all laid out in zones with different themes, and there are two water rides and five roller coasters, two of which hold the title of being the tallest “dueling” coasters in the world. The themes include Egypt, Hollywood Boulevard, Far, Far Away, Water world, Jurassic Park and Madagascar. Universal Studios is a part of the Resorts World Sentosa Development which cost S$4.5 billion to build.

  1. Gardens by the Bay

View of Garden by the bay at night - Singapore.

A futuristic park, the Gardens by the Bay offers visitors super tree structures, providing a skywalk that goes over the top of the gardens. There are huge greenhouses shaped like seashells, providing a mountain-like climate and thousands of different plants and trees. A cloud forest dome contains the tallest ever indoor waterfall and you can learn what biodiversity is and how it works. This is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit, one you won’t want to leave.


  1. Singapore Zoo


Last but by no means least we have the best rainforest zoo in the world. Singapore Zoo is one of the most impressive zoos of its kind; the wildlife is well looked after, each in an area that represents its natural habitats, with lush greenery and plenty of space. The orangutans are one of the most popular parts of the zoo and these are joined by kangaroos, white tigers, meerkats, zebras, chimps, and a Komodo dragon, amongst others. You can watch some of the animal being fed as well and you should allow yourself at least three to four hours to work your way around the entire zoo. Attached are a River Safari which takes in a panda forest, a Night Safari, and the Jurong Bird Park. One of the most impressive experiences is enjoying breakfast with the zoo’s orangutans.

With so much to do and see, don’t waste a minute of your time; take in as many of the attractions and sights of this cosmopolitan city-country as you can.

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